Jeremy McCormick

Jeremy McCormick is an alumni of Clifton High School and has extensive experience as a private and group lesson instructor and director of various types of ensembles. He has instructed at McLennan Community College since 2008, directing Popular Music and Improvisation ensembles in addition to teaching independently and at Waco Piano Center & School of Music.

McCormick studied commercial application of guitar and voice and earned his Associate of Arts degree in General Academics at McLennan Community College. He completed his Bachelor of Arts degree in Music at the University of North Texas, with emphasis on Music Theory and the application of Classical Guitar, Voice, and Piano. Throughout his career, McCormick has strived to be versatile in his approach to teaching as well as performing. As a result, he has a varied background that enables him to teach and perform a variety of musical techniques and styles.

Jason Whitney

Jason Whitney has over twenty years of experience in music. He performed in Concert, Marching, and Jazz bands and earned several letters as a proud member of the Clifton High School Band and UIL participant. Whitney also marched with the Fightin' Texas Aggie Band after high school.